Tips For Usable Ecommerce Website Design


ecommerce website design

Ecommerce is a very competitive field because customers know that another website selling similar items is a simple click away. One of the ways that you can ensure that you retain your customers is to have an easy to use ecommerce website.

There are a number of ecommerce website design tips that you should consider which will help you create a usable website.

Buying Without Registering

A long and tedious sign-up process is one of the best ways to lose customers quickly. It is recommended that you allow customers to checkout products without having to register with your site. It is better to allow your customer to buy without registering, but ask them if they would like to sign up to your site to make their next purchase easier. This is a technique that has been used by many ecommerce websites with great success and studies have found that it will improve customer retention and reduce cart abandonment.

Have A Search Function

Having a search function on your website will help you customers find the products that they want. This will make it easier for them to shop on your website and is recommended if you sell a variety of products. When you set up your search function, you should also consider including pictures with suggesting in a drop down from the search box. This has been shown to increase click-through rates and ensures that your customers can see what they are searching for.

Breadcrumb Navigation

When your customer places an order, they will like to know where they are in the purchase process. Breadcrumb navigation is something that large ecommerce giants like Amazon use. Without this navigation, your customers will not know how far they are in the process and they could abandon it due to frustration about the length of the process.

Breadcrumb navigation also serves a secondary purpose of allowing your customers to easily navigate back to previous steps. This is very helpful if your customer needs to edit something in their order and stops the process from starting from the beginning. If this happens, it is more likely that your customer will abandon the purchase.

There are many tips that you should consider when you design an ecommerce website. Being able to buy without registering is something that improves customer retention and customer satisfaction. Search functions makes looking for products easier and breadcrumb navigation ensures that your customers know where they are in the purchase process.